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Institut Guttmann presents the book "Disability and Social Innovation" posed a new story of disability

Tuesday, 19 July, 2016

The Institut Guttmann has presented, at a press conference, together with the Minister of the Department of Labour, Social Affairs and Family of the Generalitat of Catalonia, Dolors Bassa, the book "Social Innovation and Disability". The publication issued to mark the 50th anniversary of the institution reflects the conclusions of the discussions carried in Girona, Lleida and Barcelona last year and in which more than 400 people with disabilities, professionals and more than twenty associations.

The initiative launched by associations of people with disabilities represented in the Social Council and Participation of Institut Guttmann, also featured the collaboration of other associations of people in the field of disability both in Catalonia, as the rest of Spain and Andorra; as well as experts and opinion leaders from different social areas.

This discussion came out of the need for associations of people with disabilities pose a renewed discourse and innovative environment to disability status and promote a new account agreement with the times, focusing on the requirement in the implementation of rights, the empowerment of people, renewing partnerships, the necessary cooperation between them, their role in today's society, new forms of relationship with administrations, while a greater presence of people with disabilities in society and promoting knowledge in general, from living with disabilities.

At the press conference, inaugurated by the Minister Bassa, also participated Josep M. Solé, president of the Social Council and Participation of Institut Guttmann; Lary León, journalist and coordinator of projects and contents of the Atresmedia Foundation and collaborator in the edition of the book and Josep M. Ramirez, director of the Institut Guttmann. The Minister concluded the event by thanking the work of the Institut Guttmann "by the publication of good thoughts that should serve and should help us all to stimulate a broad debate about people with disabilities."

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  •  presentació del llibre “Innovació Social i Discapacitat”
  •  presentació del llibre “Innovació Social i Discapacitat”