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The Institut Guttmann participates in the Annual Meeting of the Economy of the Common Good

L’Institut Guttmann participa a la Jornada anual de l’Economia del Bé Comú
Thursday, 21 December, 2017

The Institut Guttmann participated at the annual event of the Economy of the Common Good organized by the Association EBC Catalunya and that took place on 13th December under the title "We make community, we create the future!".

Austrian economics professor Christian Felber, leader of this global movement, was responsible for the opening and then the experiences of different organizations were shared, talking about different ways of applying this model and to carry out the self-assessment and audit process. The Institut Guttmann is the first organization of the health sector in Catalonia that join this movement of service to the general interests. It formalized the membership in 2015 and since then reports annually on the Corporate Social Responsibility report the indicators of the EBC. In addition, in the last year, we have done the self-evaluation and we just wait for the results of the audit.