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Information on SARS-COV-2 at the Institut Guttmann

Wednesday, 18 March, 2020

For the Institut Guttmann the most important is the health and care of our patients, and the safety and health of our professionals; That is why the Management has implemented a series of measures to combat the pandemic of the SARS-COV-2.

The aim is to preserve the health of our care staff in order to ensure the continuity of their function; while restricting activity to the minimum required in order to minimize the risk of contagion of our patients, most of whom are highly vulnerable.

All these measures are included in a Contingency Plan that will be updated at all times depending on the development of events.

At the Neurorehabilitation Hospital Institut Guttmann:

  1. We have closed the outpatient activity and outpatient visits; while telecommunication systems with patients have been established.
  2. We proceeded to divide the different groups of care professionals, distributing them into different working periods. Except for the first face-to-face groups at this time, the rest are in their homes to ensure non-contagious professionals, in case those who are present need to be confined because of infection.
  3. Visits are not allowed except for the companions of highly complex patients or children. And these have been limited to one family per patient and day.
  4. The vast majority of administrative staff have moved to work via telecommuting.
  5. The gym has been closed down as a place of highest risk of contagion. Due to the low level of intensive rehabilitation activity (reduced to exercises in the room) many patients have applied for voluntary discharge.
  6. We have reconsidered the hospital admissions pending in order to admit only strictly recommended cases and especially those neurological patients who are occupying intensive care or floor beds in high-level hospitals (Germans Trias and Hospital Clínic, in particular) so that, these hospitals can make more beds available for coronavirus-infected patients.

At Guttmann Barcelona (Guttmann Brain Health Institute and Guttmann Barcelona Life):

  1. We have suspended all healthcare activity, both from the Guttmann Brain Health Institute Neuroclinic and from the activity derived from the Barcelona Brain Health Initiative.
  2. Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClinic users will have a personalized telephone tracking service.
  3. As for the Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments, although most residents who are attending care activities have decided to leave their country, the services, including the cafeteria and kitchen services, will continue to be provided upon request.
  4. The staff has been dramatically reduced. Half with respect to the apartments and almost all the assistance of the Neuroclinic. The administrative staff has mostly moved from home to work via telecommuting. Cafeteria, other surveillance staff and Concierge will be kept to a minimum, always ensuring the necessary attention to the users.

We appreciate the extra efforts of all the Institut Guttmann professionals who once again demonstrate a high degree of institutional responsibility and commitment to this situation.

It is everyone's responsibility to contain the coronavirus, which is why we make available to the Health Department's recommendations to the public, which can be consulted constantly and updated on the Health Channel.