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Hanna Kalajas, a story of reconciliation

Hanna, con su bebé en brazos
Friday, 29 January, 2016

Hanna is studying the second year of the Master in Neurorehabilitation at Institut Guttmann with her baby in her arms; colleagues and teachers take it all naturally, as a normal gesture. When the baby needs it, Hanna comes out of class and looks for a quiet place to breastfeed her four months baby, Sander. We wanted to know more about the history of Hanna Kalajas, born in Estonia 26 years ago and living in Vilassar de Dalt.


How and when you arrive in Spain?

I arrived two years ago. I met Gael, my boyfriend, who is half Belgian and half Spanish, dancing salsa. He is semi-professional dancer ! Well, we fell in love and we wanted to be together... I was studying physiotherapy at that time and I only needed four months to complete the program.

And you decided to come and live here?

Yes, I looked on the internet where I could continue my studies and found the Institut Guttmann. And I began to investigate... in Estonia I had heard of this hospital and I was surprised that it is so well-known here, so I felt it was the best choice to continue my studies.

Tell us about Guttmann...

Institut Guttmann is a hospital very interesting with cases that I had never seen. It is innovative, with modern equipment and technology... which I did not know! All the professionals with whom I have spoken are very good people and fun, warm and open and they have received us very well. I am sure that with the prestige and reputation of a hospital as Guttmann I can open doors professionally.

And the Master in Neurorehabilitation, what do you think?

There are some interesting modules, which are dedicated to practical physiotherapy, but I would highlight the course for its multidisciplinary and differential approach.

What are your goals regarding the master?

Now I want to finish my studies and then I would dedicate to neurorehabilitation or physiotherapy in a hospital. I think that the fact of being estonian and speak Russian can open doors professionally, but... I still have to improve my Russian!

We would like to tell us about your role as a mother.

I wanted to be a mother some time ago and a year ago we decided to become parents. Sander was born four months ago and is amazing! In addition, in the second year of the master some classes are not in-class so I can combine well to take care of him. And now that I've started with practices and I should be more hours in the hospital, I have the help of Marina, a friend who takes care of Sander when I can not.

How your colleagues and the hospital have reacted when they known that you came to class with your child?

I was very surprised when I asked if I could come with Sander and continue breastfeeding, nobody gave me any trouble, by contrast, were all provided. And my colleagues, they have received us very well. I am very grateful to everyone for the consideration.

And the practices?

Last year I did physiotherapy and children physiotherapy practices and now I'm doing them with the music therapy group with Alba Domenech.