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Guttmann Talks for diversity sensitive companies

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Tuesday, 26 November, 2019

The Institut Guttmann through the Guttmann Talks initiative has initiated a new line of action with companies that are sensitive to diversity, with the aim of improving their environments, their service and, in general, social awareness towards people with disabilities.

A case of success in this line has been the action taken with the company Ticketmaster, a leading company in the management and advance sale of tickets, which belongs to the group Live Nation Entertainment and that was put in contact with the Institut Guttmann requesting a learning session on the functional diversity directed to their teams with the aim of improving the attention towards this group.

The demand on the part of Ticketmaster was to know the needs, the terminology, the harmful practices and the prejudices towards the people with disabilities, mainly in a playful environment as they can be concerts, festivals or sport events in order to become aware of his situation and to act with responsibility and empathy.

The session, thanks to the testimony of a person with functional diversity with a lot of experience in these environments, turned out to be a very enriching experience for Ticketmaster that will translate into changes in the improvement of the attention to this group.

The Institut Guttmann with these initiatives aims to create new spaces that are inclusive of companies that promote receptive and positive attitudes and ultimately bring social awareness to people with disabilities.

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  • Guttmann Talks for diversity sensitive companies
  • Guttmann Talks for diversity sensitive companies