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Delfines de colores, obtains official accreditation by the Governement of Catalonia

Wednesday, 6 April, 2016

The online activity "Delfines de colores" has been accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya in its second edition. This means that the degree obtained after completion of the activity has official academic validity.
"Delfines de colores" is a distance training activity given by Institut Guttmann aimed at teachers of physical education in ordinary schools with a student with physical neurological disability. This training is designed to provide resources to include actively and effectively to students with motor disabilities to aquatic sessions. With the goal of inclusive physical education, teaching materials are provided with activities whose structure is based on the play and learning.
The duration of training is 20 hours of theory and practice of distance participation, divided into three parts: delivering a dossier and selection of proposed activities, conducting two sessions in class and design of three cooperative water activities.
In this edition, 20 professionals are participating and until April 15 participants are making class sessions with the group. Afterwards, participants will propose three cooperative water games.
To finish the course, the next 31 May all participants will gather at the Institut Guttmann to pool all activities and prepare a white paper with 60 new inclusive activities proposed.
If you want to learn more about "Delfines de colores," this is the web page