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Adapted skiing involves comprehensive rehabilitation options

Wednesday, 7 January, 2015

This year's Christmas holidays have been special for paediatric patients of the Institut Guttmann with a variety of special activities organised specifically for them. In particular, a few days ago, the children who are currently in rehabilitation in our hospital participated in an adapted ski session in the Catalan ski resort La Molina. The activity was conducted by the physical education instructors of our hospital, led by Álex Castan. The families of the children also participated in the session, making the activity not just a space for the practice of sports but also a therapeutic and social inclusion tool. Adapted skiing does not carry risk, and it is possible through the use of various technologies that enable, according to the different needs of the user, the practice of a sport that encourages integration, the development of self-esteem and a full sense of freedom. The main adaptations that are used are:

Mono-Ski and Dual-Ski: the athlete sits in a moulded seat that is placed on a support that is attached to one or two skis. You can ski independently with help from two wing tips for balance and turning.
Bi-Ski: suitable for people who ski sitting and have limited mobility and strength in the upper body. The skier sits on a fibreglass seat with two skis beneath that operate as a base; this is wider and better balanced than a mono-ski.
3 Tracks: a normal ski and two long wing tips; these are the three points of support with the snow.
4 Tracks: two skis and two wing tips.

We share with you some of the images of the activity and a video summary of the day's adapted skiing event.