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1st Working Day of Robotics and Technology

Friday, 19 May, 2017

With the aim of seeing how the activities carried out with robots help and stimulate the therapeutic advances of patients with a neurological disability, the Institut Guttmann organizes with the Garbí Pere Vergés School of Badalona, ​​the 1st Working Day of Robotics and Technology.

Many activities of robotics and applied technology were carried out for admitted patients and adult and school-age outpatients, in which conventional functional rehabilitation activities will be mixed with different technological proposals developed in different workshops directed by specialized personnel of the school Garbí Pere Vergés. T

The workshops were organized and energized by high school and baccalaureate students. They distributed a set of proposals related to robots and technology in certain areas of the hospital, in such a way that during the sessions, modalities of grip were worked with pieces of different sizes to develop coordinative capacities and modalities of grasping, among others. The patients could play with "Beebots", "Albert", "Parrot", "Makeablock" among others, robots that allowed them to mark a sequence of movements at a functional level and helped to fix attention and other cognitive functions.

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