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New Center Guttmann Barcelona


In accordance with the mission of the Institut Guttmann and its trajectory of more than 50 years of experience in the integral treatment of people with injuries of neurological origin, the new Guttmann Barcelona center arises with a double purpose: On the one hand, to provide coverage to the needs of people with disabilities, who need help for their daily activities and who want to develop an independent life project. On the other hand, the opportunity to extend our knowledge and experience in the field of neurorehabilitation to other areas of neuroscience, such as dementia, mental health or disorders in child development, through innovative and quality programs that facilitate the comprehensive treatment of these neurological problems.
The new building that will  open its doors in January 2019 it will house the Guttmann Barcelona Life apartments for the promotion of independent living and the Brain Health Institute neuro-clinical , which includes the Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClínic®.

Guttmann Barcelona Life

It is a group of apartments aimed at people with physical disabilities and mobility problems, preferably young people, whose objective is to develop a model of independent and autonomous life in an inclusive and normalizing context, and with their own lifestyle. It is a social facility with fully adapted and domotic apartments that have a wide range of basic and complementary services, made to measure for each user, in a modern and unique building specifically designed for it.

Brain Health Institute

Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClinic® will be one of the specialized services in neurorehabilitation offered by the future neuro-clinic that will also occupy the building: the Brain Health Institute, from where the Institut Guttmann will continue to offer its specialized, intensive, comprehensive and personalized neurorehabilitation services, opening up to other neurological and neurodegenerative pathologies, such as dementia, mental health, depression, Parkinson's and other movement disorders, epilepsy, memory, and development and learning disorders in children.  

Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClinic®

The initiative of neurorehabilitation treatments that we have already developed in the Institut Guttmann, will be one of the main services located in the new Guttmann Barcelona building, in order to offer specialized and personalized neurorehabilitation treatments, bringing clinical innovation to patients through new therapeutic solutions with proven scientific basis.


With this project, the Institut Guttmann wants to continue  in its commitment to support people with neurological disabilities through innovation in services. Services that meet a social need and through which we want to give a new, modern and effective response, adapted to the reality of our time and based on the model of independent living. All of this will also provide rigor and security of human, scientific and technical quality that  the trajectory of the Institut Guttmann guarantee.


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