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Neuropsychological rehabilitation and cognitive stimulation (GNPT)

Head of program: Dr. Alberto García

Researchers:  Dr. Montserrat Bernabeu, Ms. Antònia Enseñat Cantallops, Dr. Rocío Sánchez-Carrión Abascal, Dr. Josep Maria Tormos


Positioning GNPT into the Digital Brain Health portfolio

Program Goals

  1. Promote the growth of the differential value for provision of clinical services of the GNPT in both the scientific and technological sides.
  2. Advance in validation of new programs of computerized assessment of cognitive functions, strategies of clinical intervention with GNPT in the field of prevention together with active and healthy aging through their incorporation into the clinical routine.
  3. Continue exploring strategies of clinical intervention with GNPT in the field of prevention as well as active and healthy aging.

Ongoing Projects

  1. NEUROCHILD Eyetracking. Rehabilitation of children with acquired brain damage based on Serious Games for mobile devices and visual attention control

    Project typology: National Competitive
    Funding Entity: Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness(es).
    Principal investigator: Dr. Alberto García
    Execution:  2014-2017
  2. Preventive Health

    Project typology: Contract for the Provision of Services
    Funding Entity: ICA Group
    Principal investigator: Dr. Alberto García
    Execution:  2014-2017
  3. Innobrain: New Technologies for Innovation in Rehabilitation and Cognitive Stimulation

    Project typology:  Autonomous Region, Competitive
    Funding Entity: Acció 10 (RIS3Cat)
    Principal investigator:  Dr. Xema Tormos
    Execution: 2017-2019
  4. Nutriprecision: Design and validation of precision nutritional strategies based on new food products together with information and communication technologies, aimed at improving quality of life during the aging of "pre-senior" and "senior" groups.

    Project typology: Service contract
    Funding Entity: ICA Group.
    Principal investigator:  Dr. Alberto García
    Execution: 2017-2021
  5. Efficacy of an e-neurocognitive module as adjuvant to functional rehabilitation for patients with bipolar disorder

    Participation of the Institut Guttmann without funding
    Project typology: National Competitive
    Funding Entity: Instituto de Salud Carlos III
    Principal investigator: Ms. Antonia Enseñat
    Execution: 2016-2018
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