Institut Guttmann

Neurorehabilitation hospital

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Mission, Vision and Values

As stated in Article 7 of its Statutes, the Institut Guttmann's main objective is to promote, encourage and ensure full rehabilitation of people affected by spinal cord injury, acquired brain injury or other neurological disabilities, to develop research and teaching in the field of neuroscience, and to give them support and services to achieve a satisfactory social reintegration while contributing to the full recognition of their rights and effective equalising of opportunities.


  • Centre of Excellence. As a highly specialised hospital, its MISSION is to always provide the best specialised neurorehabilitative care in a comprehensive, continuous, personalised manner, incorporating the highest levels of science, technology and compassion.
  • Knowledge Centre. As a University Institute affiliated to the UAB, its MISSION is to develop the academic, scientific and research issues in neuroscience in general and of neurorehabilitation and technology applied to personal autonomy in particular. At the same time, transfer the results of the research to society through innovation models that improve people's quality of life.
  • Expert organization. As for the healthcare activities, its MISSION is to promote specialised personal, healthcare and social services, mainly to people with neurological disabilities and their families in order to provide the most appropriate support and services that enhance their personal autonomy and improve their quality of life, according to the principles of recognition of functional diversity, independent living and social inclusion.
  • Organization committed to society. As Social Initiative Entity, its MISSION is to contribute to more effective equalisation of opportunities for people with disabilities, through the promotion and development of prevention, outreach and social awareness, while collaborating with the associations that represent them.


  • To be an international leader in neurorehabilitation and brain health, able to create and transmit new knowledge and continuous innovation in techniques, procedures and unique technology in its field of scientific knowledge and neuroscience, in general.
  • To be an excellent, sustainable and environmentally-friendly organisation, able to adapt to new trends, features and needs of the environment.
  • To have an excellent team of professionals who are competent, competitive and committed to the institution and the objectives it pursues.
  • To be a reputed, socially respected and valued institution, especially for the people it serves every day and who are its reason for existing, and for their families who accompany them in difficult moments of their lives. 


  • Specialisation in knowledge.
  • Excellence in staff, scientific and technical quality.
  • Sustainability, as an efficient and financially balanced organisation.
  • Transparency in all areas of activity.
  • Research, nnovation and knowledge creation linked to the experience of its professionals and the establishment of strategic alliances.
  • Academic Counselling aimed at transferring knowledge and multidisciplinary and quality training in the field of neurorehabilitation.
  • Competitiveness and commitment thanks to a team of competent and experienced professionals who are involved in the institutional objectives.
  • Interdisciplinary teamwork.
  • Attention to personal and professional development of its personnel.
  • Compassion for people. An organisation and accessible professionals who treat, interact with, accompany and care for patients and families with the experience, empathy, encouragement and sensitivity who understand the patients' difficult circumstances.
  • Person oriented.
  • Expert and respectful treatment based on the principles of recognition of functional diversity, personal autonomy, independent living, quality of life, normalisation and social inclusion.
  • Strong social commitment.
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