Institut Guttmann

Neurorehabilitation hospital

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Ms Helena Rakosnik

La Sra. Helena Rakosnik, Esposa del President de la Generalitat de Catalunya, M. H. Sr. Artur Mas	, firma en el Libro de Honor del Institut Guttmann

First Lady of the Generalitat of Catalonia President, Rt Hon. Mr Artur Mas

March 2012

Today, 6 March 2012, I enjoyed a visit with the team, of great quality and human capacity, that runs the Institut Guttmann; a model in rigour, efficiency, willingness and knowledge that makes it possible for people who are in difficult moments of their life to find the light and the hope to keep moving forward with their lives and best integrate into society. As the example you are, I encourage you to continue leading excellence inside and outside our country. Catalonia needs teams like yours.

Congratulations! Onward!