Institut Guttmann

Neurorehabilitation hospital

+34 93 497 77 00

Hon. Ms. Alba Vergés i Bosch

Minister of Health of the Generalitat of Catalunya

January 2019

It is a pleasure to accompany you today at the Institut Guttmann and to be able to see first hand your institution and above all your ability to contribute to the people and the country.

A mature country that wants to offer the best service for citizenship. A country that wants to be present at home and in the world.

You contribute in a clear, firm and determined way to this country that we want. You are an example of commitment and above all of always thinking on how to do work better.

I will visit you again on another occasion to get to know your Social Council, which seems fundamental to me within the Institution. The voice of the people we serve must be at the center of our decisions.

Very grateful for the kind visit, and a memory in all of them for the struggle we share with people who are unfairly in prison and in exile.

Health and Republic,

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