Institut Guttmann

Neurorehabilitation hospital

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Hon. Mr Germà Gordó i Aubarell

L'Hble. Sr. Germà Gordó i Aubarell, Consejero de Justicia de la Generalitat de Catalunya, firma en el Libro de Honor del Institut Guttmann

Minister for Justice of the Generalitat of Catalonia

March 2013

It is my honour to sign the Institut Guttmann's honorary guest book, an institution of excellence in many regards: human, each patient sees a person with a face, name and surname; in scientific and in research, because thanks to their professional staff there is a continued advance in restorative technology and methodology favouring their patients and patients around the world; in the corporate because they are a model institution; and in their Catalan representation as they encapsulate how we do things in our country.

In short, Dr Guttmann would be satisfied and proud of this institution that bears his name.

Badalona, 20 March 2013.