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Prácticas en el Institut Guttmann


The Institut Guttmann, through its modern neurorehabilitation hospital, contributes to the practical training of future healthcare professionals. There are internships that allow them to complete the theoretical training they receive in the curricula of their respective universities or colleges while they learn and are trained in the habits and working methods of our own institution and specialty.

So that students can get the most out of these internships, prior to the start they must take the course “Introduction to Neurorehabilitation,” which gives a general and comprehensive view of the complex neurorehabilitation process. This internship is the result of cooperation between the Institut Guttmann and the faculties and colleges, which formalise the recognition of this experience in their respective programs through a cooperation agreement.

MIR students

Since 2001, the Institut Guttmann is recognised by the Comisión Nacional de Medicina Física y Rehabilitación (National Commission of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation) of the Ministerio de Sanidad y Consumo (Ministry of Health and Consumer Affairs of Spain) as an Associate Teaching Unit for postgraduate medical training, complementary to the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation.

For this, it has an educational programme for clinical residencies in the Spinal Cord Injury Unit and the Brain Injury Unit that covers a minimum of two months in either unit, or even three months, one and a half months in each of the two units.

There is also a rolling programme of at least one month in the Neurourology Department so that future specialists in Urology can be introduced to the pathology of the neurogenic bladder.

What should you do to apply for a residency?

  • Check that the schedule that we offer is adapted to your needs.
  • Then, go to Occupancy calendar to see if there is any vacancy that might be of interest to you.
  • If so, fill out and send us the Residency Application Form.
  • Places are registered in order of receipt, and we will contact you to inform you of the status of your application.
  • If the application is accepted, you will be provisionally awarded the place while awaiting the formal authorisation issued by our Teaching and Research Committee.
  • To obtain authorisation you must complete the following administrative procedures:
    • The Teaching Committee of the hospital where you are doing the MIR must send a formal request for residency by post to the Teaching and Research Committee of our hospital: this should indicate your personal details, course and specialty that you are doing, period and unit or units requested.
    • Email us a copy of your DNI (National ID Document)/NIF (Tax ID Number)/passport, a passport-type photograph, a copy of your CV and a copy of your university diploma.
    • Once the Teaching Committee has evaluated your request and given its approval, we will send an authorisation letter, copied to the applicant Teaching Committee, so you can begin the process of residency in our Hospital.

Other professionals

The Institut Guttmann has established collaboration agreements with various universities for practical training of professionals who are taking specialised studies in their own professional areas: Behavioural Psychology, Neuropsychology etc.

Residencies are also offered to professionals who come from other hospitals, both nationally and internationally, especially from Latin America, and who are interested in learning about the Institut Guttmann, continuing their education programs, deepening their characteristic care model and collaborating in research projects.

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