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International patients

How do you contact us and request information?

Paciente internacional: cómo contactar
  • If you are interested in receiving specialised treatment in our hospital, or want additional information to make a decision, we suggest contacting the “International Patient” area of the hospital’s Admission Department, either directly or through a family member or representative, by telephone (weekdays from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.) or by email:
  • Upon receipt of your application, the “International Patient” area will quickly contact you to request all necessary information for our physicians to be able to clinically evaluate your application and, if appropriate, provide a personal treatment plan along with a budget and payment terms.
  • Also, the area will provide all the information, resources and contacts necessary for the effective management of all details relating to the transfer from the country of origin to our hospital and back home after treatment, visas, accommodation for you (if you do not need to or prefer not to stay in the hospital) and your family or companions (hotel, supervised apartments, different types of lodgings etc.), transfers to hospital, interpreter if needed, food, cultural or tourist visits etc.

How do we plan, organise and manage your treatment and stay in our hospital?

Procedimientos clínicos avanzados

Before reaching the hospital, our team will already be working for you, preparing your accommodation and treatment plan; all the while making sure that the transfer to our hospital is as optimal as possible. To do this, we will send an ambulance or adapted vehicle to the place of arrival in Barcelona.

  • Once the patient has arrived at our hospital and completed the paperwork for admission:
  • We will accompany you to your room where our nursing personnel will take care of your reception, information about basic operating rules, times, things to take into account etc.
  • You will immediately be assigned the interdisciplinary treatment team who will be responsible for your care process throughout your treatment in our hospital. This team will be led by one of our expert doctors.
  • The team will conduct a comprehensive assessment of your disease and level of functionality to confirm the proposed treatment plan or adjust it to the needs observed on the examination and not included in the reports prior to admission.
  • The therapeutic plan includes all hours of the day; nevertheless, we will design a specific training plan tailored to your needs and possibilities, both physical and cognitive, of up to 5 hours per day.
  • During your treatment plan, we will monitor all data relating to your progress to ensure the best result of the process. The therapeutic team will meet every week to review your general condition, your progress, changes that may occur and, on this basis, adjust the treatment plan if appropriate.
  • Our professionals will guide you, accompany you and advise you at all times on everything you need, and they will be available to resolve any questions that may arise. We are aware that both during your stay and on discharge, many doubts and concerns may arise about patient care, treatment, follow-up etc., and so we want to reassure you right from the start.
  • Throughout your stay we will provide access to all the orthopaedic material or technical aids that your case or functional status requires.
  • The attending physician will be responsible for informing the patient and his/her family about the return home, the treatment plan to follow and recommendations once they have returned home.
  • Prior to discharge, the hospital staff will have trained the patient and his/her family so they have the necessary information and are prepared to return home.
  • On discharge we will give a full report of your condition, complications and evolution, as well as guidelines and recommendations to be followed.
  • The report signed by the doctor is always in Spanish, or English if you prefer. If you want a report in the language of your country, the “International Patient” area can arrange for a translation at your expense.
  • If applicable, the “International Patient” area will coordinate with your country of origin and will manage the specific needs for your return, with special attention to the patient’s needs and care.


Performance standards

Patient Services

We will all try to make sure that you and your companions feel at home at the Institut Guttmann and, although you might miss your home and family, you feel cared for and accompanied by people you trust.
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