Institut Guttmann

Neurorehabilitation hospital

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Innovation Support Unit (ISU)

Head of program: Eloy Opisso

Managers: Jaume López, Josep M Tormos

The Innovation Support Unit's mission is to capture innovative ideas and transfer them to products and services of a technological nature that can improve the functional autonomy of patients, as well as improve the effectiveness and efficiency of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in neurorehabilitation and in the organization of care services

Program Goals

  1. Promoting innovation culture at the Institut Guttmann
  2. Structure and systematize the process of innovation from the ideas of clinical professionals or external agents to the organization.
  3. Establish an objective procedure for valuing and prioritizing innovative ideas
  4. Manage, elaborate and justify innovation projects close to the market.
  5. Development and negotiation of license, assignment and other model agreements resulting from the innovation process.
  6. Implement an innovation management system based on the UNE 166.002: 2014 standard, for subsequent certification.

The  Innovation Support Unit belongs to the ITEMAS platform, and is partly funded by the Carlos III Health Institute.



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