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Inclusive Physical Education

¡Muévete y verás!

From the Hospital to the municipal sports centre

As part of the City of Barcelona programme “L'esport inclou” (Sports include), the Institut Guttmann organises a weekly outing to a sports facility in Barcelona with a group of patients to participate in one of its sessions for yoga or light exercise and to exercise in the fitness room. In this way patients discover their ability to practice physical activity in a conventional facility and in their immediate surroundings once the rehabilitation process is completed, during the process, and at the same time. The sporting technicians of these facilities are trained in the best way to work with people with disabilities.

Educational Aquatic Therapy

Activity that takes place in the aquatic environment on children's rehabilitation schedule and for which the active participation of families is essential. The Institut Guttmann professionals advise the children's guardians to ensure good practice outside the hospital setting, while discovering different water activities with the therapists that can be done at other times with the children.

Assessment and counselling service in schools (SVAME)

The SVAME framework covers actions that aim to facilitate the inclusion of children with disabilities in regular schools. This activity is led by the Hospital’s physical education professionals.


Every year, the Guttmann Institute organises “Mou-te i... veuràs!” (Move and... You’ll see!), a festival of cooperative physical activity, which aims to contribute to the training of teachers, especially teachers and graduates in physical education, to promote the inclusion of children with disabilities in regular schools. The initiative is primarily aimed at the schools of children who are receiving treatment at the Institut Guttmann, working within the child rehabilitation programme and is designed for children with disabilities to participate in physical education sessions in their immediate surroundings.

The activities are led by experts in cooperative work and the people with disabilities, responsible for promoting the collective effort so that no child is excluded from any activity in their immediate surroundings through knowledge paths, teaching, learning and advice.

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With this online project from the Institut Guttmann, advice is offered to professionals who manage water activities at sports facilities and schools in order to achieve inclusion in the group sessions of all persons, regardless of their abilities. For this, teaching material is provided with activities with a structure based on games and cooperative learning.

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