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Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClinic®

What is Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClínic®?

Guttmann NeuroPersonalClínic® is an initiative of the Institut Guttmann to respond to current challenges in neurorehabilitation and cognitive neuroscience with the aim of promoting clinical innovation and bringing it closer to patients through new therapeutic solutions that have a proven scientific basis.

It is an innovative proposal, which incorporates the most advanced techniques, procedures and technologies in the world in intensive, personalised and clinically excellent rehabilitation because it incorporates the working methods of the Institut Guttmann based on scientific evidence and interdisciplinary and socially committed teams, as it allows further progress in the integration and development in our country of new neurorehabilitation techniques and procedures which, despite having shown efficacy in recent studies, are still part of the portfolio of public health services.

Guttmann NeuroPersonalClínic® is oriented to the provision of comprehensive diagnosis services and coordinated treatment of the main causes of disability in people with nervous system disorders. It is organised through functional clinical neuroscience programmes and highly specialised and personalised innovative services.

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What treatments are available?

Who is it aimed at?

Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClínic® is aimed at people who want to pursue intensive programs and personalised rehabilitation to optimise functional capacity or address specific problems resulting from a neurological impairment. The initiative will allow access to the most advanced interventions, techniques and technologies in the world for the rehabilitation and treatment of the complications arising from the leading causes of neurological disability.

With the guarantee of the Institut Guttmann

Guttmann NeuroPersonalClínic® has the guarantee of quality and confidence of the Institut Guttmann, awarded for knowledge and experience in neurorehabilitation.

The Institut Guttmann is accredited by the Joint Commission International which certifies that the hospital meets international standards of quality of care and management of the organisation.

Charitable initiative

The Institut Guttmann will allocate a portion of the income earned in this programme to “treatment grants” for patients who do not have sufficient financial resources or do not have health insurance to meet all of their healthcare costs.

The grants will be provided for procedures and techniques that constitute the only possible therapeutic alternative, either due to patient characteristics or because other alternatives have been unsuccessful. The Institut Guttmann will allocate up to 5% of the income obtained through the Guttmann NeuroPersonalClínic® initiative to “treatment grants,” to which specific donations received from the “Friends of the Institut Guttmann” will be added to support this charitable initiative.

Procedures already included in the portfolio of public health services are not eligible for “treatment grants” and, in order to receive a grant, in addition to the requirements mentioned above, a favourable report of social work professionals will be necessary. They will study each particular case in accordance with a preset scale. A rigorous order of applications will be followed, and a contribution from the applicant will be required in all cases. The “treatment grants” do not cover maintenance treatments or the previous clinical assessments necessary for the indication of the procedure, which will always be at the patient’s expense.

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