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Friends of the Institut Guttmann

“Friends of the Institut Guttmann” is an initiative formed by people, organisations and companies that, through their contributions and support, give the Institut Guttmann their trust and appreciation, helping to achieve the foundation’s objectives to improve the specialised treatment, autonomy and quality of life of people with disabilities.

The “Friends of the Guttmann Institute” is an example of sensitivity, responsibility and commitment of all those who adhere to and demonstrate the ability of society to act in solidarity in pursuit of a better and more just world. The financial resources provided by the Friends are intended to boost the rehabilitative, medical, scientific, educational and social activities of the Institut Guttmann.

What benefits do the “Friends of the Institut Guttmann” receive?

The Friends of the Institut Guttmann are not only linked to an innovative, scientific, human and social welfare project, which aims to improve the quality of life of people with major neurological disability, but they are also regularly informed of the activities of the foundation and the hospital.

They receive the magazine “Sobre Ruedas" (On Wheels), the annual “Report and Accounts,” news online through the Friends of the Institut Guttmann blog, and they are invited to participate in all events organised by the Institution.

Furthermore, Friends who make regular contributions benefit from AXA insurance if they should ever accidentally suffer spinal cord injury or traumatic brain injury. (* Under the terms of the collective policy with AXA). The Fundación AXA is a Corporate Friend collaborating in this initiative.

Become a friend of the Institut Guttmann!


The financial contributions that Friends make to the Institut Guttmann benefit from the tax benefits provided by law for patronage (Law 49/2002).

* Insurance covers people between 2 and 70 years of age and not suffering from any spinal cord injury, brain injury or any serious illness. Likewise, the insurance period is for one year and keeps renewing on payment of the annual subscription of the individual Friend.

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