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Expert Diploma (Fellowship)

The Expert Diploma in Neurorehabilitation is intended for specialist physicians in physical medicine and rehabilitation (as well as neurology, urology and other specialties) involved in the clinical care of people with spinal cord injuries or acquired brain injury, or for physicians who wish to pursue this professionally in the future; in other words, medical specialists who are fully qualified to exercise the knowledge and skills acquired in the University - Institute over the year-long expert course.

To advance the training of these professionals, the Institut Guttmann, using the prestigious fellowships of the major US universities as an example, has created these expert training programmes in neurorehabilitation:



  • To train experts in the specialised treatment and rehabilitation of people with spinal cord injury or acquired brain injury, as well as the complications of their disease.
  • To prepare professionals with specific knowledge and skills to participate in multidisciplinary teams, supporting the convergence of knowledge and benefiting from it.
  • To train experts with the capacity to lead and coordinate multidisciplinary teams to provide comprehensive care for patients with spinal cord injury/brain injury.
  • To provide these professionals with a working methodology that allows them to create new knowledge, and transfer that knowledge to other professionals who implement it into the rest of the healthcare process, safely and with quality assurance.


  • Must have a specialist diploma or proof of payment for the same (proof of payment no older than three years).
  • Foreigners: to process the application, you must present the official authorisation of your medical degree and specialist certificate.
  • Accept the terms of this application process and the Institut Guttmann’s organisation and working methods, as well as its internal operations.


  • Approved candidates undertake to join the care training activities of the Institut Guttmann, led by the head of the unit to which the candidate is assigned (who will act as a mentor to the participant) and under the supervision of a physician and the physician associates who participate throughout the training period.
  • Approved candidates undertake to participate in research and the promotion of knowledge at the Institut Guttmann, according to its Strategic Research Plan.
  • For the Expert Diploma, following approval from the mentor, approved candidates must prepare a review paper on one of the issues encountered in the training curriculum and a report of participation in research activities in the form of a research article.
  • Approved candidates must participate in the training activities of the postgraduate and master’s programmes referred to in their training curriculum.

Admission Decisions

  • The evaluation of all applications and the selection of candidates for the places included in this application process will be carried out at a plenary session of the Institut Guttmann Teaching and Research Committee.
  • The Committee reserves the right to interview the candidates as it deems appropriate.
  • The applicants will be notified of the closing of the application period through the Institut Guttmann Office of Teaching before 31 March 2015.
  • The Committee may abandon the application process if they deem that an insufficient number of suitable candidates have applied.
  • The Committee’s decision is final and presenting yourself as a candidate expressly includes knowledge and acceptance of this and all the rules and requirements of the search.

For further information, please contact the Institut Guttmann Office of Teaching.


Submission of Applications

The application must be sent to the Institut Guttmann Office of Teaching, Neurorehabilitation Hospital, by:

The validity of the application shall be subject to receipt within the application period and the sending of the requested accreditation documentation by registered mail. All applications arriving after the deadline will be automatically disqualified. In the case of mistakes in the application or in the documentation submitted, the candidate will be informed and must correct the error within fifteen working days from the time the candidate receives notification. The application period will close on 22 March 2015.

Mailing Address:

Institut Guttmann Office of Teaching and Research:
Institut Guttmann
Expert Training Programme in Neurorehabilitation
Camí de Can Ruti, s/n
08916 Badalona, Spain


Documentation Required:

  • Fully completed application form.
  • Diploma in Medicine (certified or official copy)
  • Academic transcript (certified or official copy)
  • Specialist diploma or proof of payment (certified or official copy)
  • 2 passport-type photographs.
  • Photocopy of Spanish National ID Card (DNI), Spanish Foreigner ID Card (NIE) or passport


  • Official authorisation of medical degree (certified or official copy)
  • Specialist degree certificate (certified or official copy)


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