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Comprehensive services at home

The objective of this programme is to provide a wide range of services and support for people with a disability or dependence of neurological origin and their families in their usual social and emotional environment. Attention to social and health needs is facilitated by promoting personal autonomy and quality of life, thanks to a qualified group of professionals who provide services with the quality and commitment that characterise the Institut Guttmann. The services, under the new law of dependence, can be categorised as assistance, attention to situations of dependence and promotion of autonomy. They are customised responses to the needs and preferences of the person and his/her family.

Healthcare services

  • Medical Services. Control and monitoring of state of health and associated medical disorders.
  • Nursing Services. Training in self-care activities, postural changes and operation of equipment. Also complex techniques, such as dressing sores or wounds, changing catheters and cannulas, etc.
  • Clinical Assistant Services. Assistance for basic activities of daily living such as food, evacuation, hygiene, clothing, movement (postural changes and transfers).
  • Clinical Psychology Services. Psychotherapy, training in coping skills such as relaxation, social skills, sleep problems, chronic pain management, family problems, psycho-emotional support to family caregivers, support in loss and the grief process.
  • Functional Rehabilitation Service. Active or assisted joint mobilisation, respiratory therapy and implementation of preventive or corrective splints. Trained to perform activities of daily living such as personal hygiene, transfers or the use of technical aids. Muscle strengthening exercises, muscle-tendon stretching and balance. Standing and walking with adaptation of technical aids. Coordination exercises, skill and ability.
  • Rehabilitation of Higher Functions Services. Neuropsychological treatment for disorders of attention, memory and behaviour. Telerehabilitation and cognitive stimulation programs. Speech therapy for speech and language disorders, swallowing disorders and dysphonia. Consulting, training and supervision of alternative communication systems.

Services for attention to the dependence situation

  • Personal care.
  • Support for instrumental activities of daily life.
  • Support services at home.

Services promoting personal autonomy

  • Studio and home adaptations.
  • Advice on support products.
  • Telecare.

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