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Code of ethics, transparency and good governance

The Foundation

Registration and administrative data

The Institut Guttmann Foundation, with CIF G08519100, is a social entity, registered with number 189 Registro de Fundaciones Privadas del Departamento de Justicia de la Generalitat de Catalunya. Clasificada como benéfica de tipo asistencial desde el año 1965, está incluida entre las entidades beneficiarias de mecenazgo de acuerdo con la Llei 49/2002, del 23 de diciembre, “de regimen fiscal de las entidades sin fines lucrativos y de los incentivos fiscales al mecenazgo”.

  • The Foundation is the head of the "Institut Guttmann - Neurorehabilitation Hospital" that is registered with the number H08000723 in the Registry of Centers and Health Services at the Health Department of the Generalitat de Catalunya (Government of Catalonia)
  • The Institut Guttmann is part of the Sistema Nacional de Salud (National Health System)–SISCAT, is accredited as a referral hospital for the Department of Health of the Generalitat de Catalunya and also as a National Reference Centre (CSUR) for the treatment of complex spinal cord injury by the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality.
  • Guttmann Servicios Integrales a Domicilio (Guttmann Home Comprehensive Services)  is registered under number U0898244T in the Register of Centres, Services and Health Institutions of the Department of Health.
  • The Institut Guttmann is registered under number E01024 in the Register of Entities, Services and Social Institutions of the Department of Social Welfare and Family. It is also registered as a social atention entity under the number S05565.
  • As a University Institute is attached to the Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB) by Decree 230/2001 of the Generalitat de Catalunya, having begun its teaching activities in 1999. [Art. 7.2 ORDER JUS/152/2018] [Art. 7.2 ORDRE JUS/152/2018]
  • The Institut Guttmann Foundation is registered in the Register of interest groups of Catalonia of the Administration of the Generalitat and its public sector with registration number 371. Resolution of the General Directorate of Law and Legal Entities.. Resolution of the General Directorate of Law and Legal Entities.
Address, e-mail and website

You can contact with the Foundation: [Art. 7.1 b), k) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

Code of Ethics

The Institut Guttmann maintains a legal, honest, ethical and responsible behavior that, in addition, wants to promote among the rest of the people, institutions and entities with whom it interacts in the development of its objectives.

With this objective, the Institut Guttmann regulates its own performance and also the behavior of professionals and collaborators, as well as the relationship it maintains with third parties:

The Code of Ethics of the Institut Guttmann includes the set of norms of action, ethical principles and rules of conduct that have to guide the action of all those people who, in one way or another, develop their functions within the organization. Through their behavior they promote the actions that make the realization of the different foundational objectives possible (members of the Board of Trustees, management team, professionals, external collaborators ...). [Art. 10.1 a) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

The Code of Conduct for Providing and Collaborating Entities has the main objective of ensuring the integration of the criteria of social responsibility at all levels of the organization's value chain. For this purpose, the Institut Guttmann is working to seek excellence, with the highest standards of quality, maximum prevention and protection of human capital and of the environment that surrounds it, and making a return to society within the principle of social commitment [Art. 10.2 c) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

Any breach of these codes must be communicated for immediate correction.

In the event that the collaborating entities, patients and their families, professionals or other institutions with whom we relate have knowledge of any irregular practice related to the breach or violation of the behaviors included in the Code of Ethics or the Code of Conduct of the organization, they should inform the Institut Guttmann through the channels of communication established for this purpose:

Fundación Institut Guttmann
Management - Code of Ethics
Camí de Can Ruti, s/n
08916 Badalona

These channels will also serve to resolve questions related to the interpretation of the principles contained in the documents contained in the portal Code of Ethics, Transparency and Good Government.


The Institut Guttmann in this section, in addition to expressing its desire for transparency, wants to give broad compliance to Order of Justice 152/2018, of September 12, which establishes the level of subjection of foundations and associations declared of public utility to the instruments of transparency established by the Llei 21/2014, of December 29, of the protectorate of the foundations and of verification of the activity of the associations declared of public utility.

1.Statutes - Governing and Management Bodies

The Statutes of the Foundation set the rules of good governance that all the members of the Board must fulfill (responsibilities, gratuity, conflict of interest ...), as well as the Managing Director. [Art. 7.1 e) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]


The governing bodies of the Institut Guttmann Foundation are specified in the fourth chapter of the Foundational Statutes [Art. 7.1 f) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]


The relationship of the people who occupy the positions of the different Governing and management bodies are published on the website. [Art. 7.1 c) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]


The Organizational Structure is in the  Functional Flowchart (2021). The information about the functions of each area is on the website. [Art. 7.1 g) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]


Annual evaluation issued by the Governing Body regarding the election and operation of its management, management and control bodies, the way in which they relate to each other and their structure: 2020 Corporate Anual Governance Report(Art. 10.2 d ) ORDER JUST / 152/2018.

2. Result of the activities

The Institut Guttmann informs about all its activities with the annual CSR Report - Social Balance Report. [Art. 10.2 a) i 7.1 a), j) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]


The beneficiary people of our activities are those collectives written on the third chapter,  8.2 article, of our foundational statutes. [Art. 10.1 b) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

In the Annual Report are always published all data about care activity, socialcare activity and about the initiative “Guttmann, NeuroPersonalClinic” and all the results of the hospital activity: Chapter 2 "Commmitment with patients and families".


Different documents that show the quality of the services provided by the Institut Guttmann, its will to excellence, as well as the preservation of the environment; and that, at the same time, are examples of good governance and management practices, as well as their transparency. [Art. 10.1 a) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

Audits and Reports:


3. Accountability

The Institut Guttmann audit every year its accounts through an independent expert firm anualmente sus cuentas a través de una firma experta independente in order to guarantee its proper patrimonial management. . [Art. 7.1 d) i 11, ORDRE JUS/152/2018]



You can access the contract for the provision of health services signed with CatSalut for patient care; as well as the last clauses signed and, therefore, to date in force
 [Art. 10.2 b) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]


There are attached contracts, grants, subsidies and awards obtained from public administrations, granted as a result of participation in a public competition procedure during the last financial year closed, indicating the essential elements, such as the description of the contract, the amount awarded and the execution period [Art. 10.2 b) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

Relation of competitions, contracts and tenders 2019
Relation of competitive projects with public financing 2019


The Institut Guttmann with the aim of establishing synergies with other health organizations subscribes to different collaboration agreements, of which the following stand out:

Agreement between ICS and the Institut Guttmann for the specialized services in neurorehabilitation
Agreement between ICS and the Institut Guttmann for the creation of a Functional Neurourology Unit and a Functional Unit of Pediatric Rehabilitation
Spinal Cord injury Patients Referral Protocol between ULM-HUVH and the IG (2014)


Good government

The Institut Guttmann Foundation wants to be an example of good governance and good management at the service of people and our country, so it strives to build an organization of excellence, sustainable, innovative, committed to the environment and people that he attends and, also, with the people who make up his human team; while trying to contribute through its objectives to the better development and progress of the society it serves.

1. Statutes, mission, vision and values

The Social Statutes of the Foundation set the rules of good governance that all the members of the Board must fulfill (responsibilities, gratuity, conflict of interest ...), as well as the Managing Director. [Art. 7.1 e) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

Mission, vision and values are on the 7 article of the Foundational Statutes. [Art. 7.1 i) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

2. Institucional Purposes

Our foundational objectives are on the 3th chapter of Statutes. [Art. 7.1 h) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

3. Main strategic lines of action

The Strategic Plan 2020-2025 is approved by governing bodies and it is developed with different programs and plans. [Art. 10.1 d) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

Of this Strategic Plan is derived the Corporate Social Responsibility Policy 2020-2025 that gathers the principles on the basis of which the decisions are made to achieve the objectives of the institution. It is a transversal document, which expresses the will, the objectives, the orientations, the strategies and the continuous action of our management system.

The Annual activities program 2021 contains the description about activities that are planned for all the year[Art. 10.1 c) ORDRE JUS/152/2018]

4. Policies, plans and manuals of good practices

Quality Policy 2014-2019
PHuman and professional career plan 2017-2020
​Equality plan 2016-2018
Prevention Plan 2017-2019
Training plan 2018-2020
Communication Plan 2017-2020
​Environmental Plan 2018-2020
Plan for Special Neurorehabilitation Care for patients with severe neurological problems in Catalonia (2011)
Manual of External Partnerships 2016-2019
Manual of good practices for the rehabilitation of financial investments (2017)
Manual of action in relation with the law of prevention of money laundering and financing of terrorism (2016)


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