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Centro de Documentación Santi Beso Arnalot (Santi Beso Arnalot Documentation Centre)

Centro Documentación

The “Santi Beso Arnalot Neurorehabilitation Documentation Centre” is an initiative of the Institut Guttmann that offers people interested in neuroscience in general, and neurorehabilitation in particular, the documentation necessary to learn about this field of science. The documentation – the most relevant publications, audiovisual materials and databases, both national and international, in the field of medicine – can be consulted in person or online.

The documentation centre provides the following services to healthcare and bioengineering professionals, students, affected people and other groups:

  • Reference and guidance service.
  • Bibliographic information service.
  • Consultation of the document collection (journals, monographs).
  • Consultation of biomedical databases.
  • Service for the selective dissemination of information.
  • Internet access.
  • Document supply service.
  • Legislative, healthcare and social information service.

Santi Beso Arnalot was a 22-year-old man affected by a neurological syndrome who died at the Institut Guttmann while being treated. His parents and sister, in memory of their son and brother Santi, decided to collaborate in the creation and maintenance of a Documentation Centre specialised in Neurorehabilitation, to contribute to the study and dissemination of neuroscience.

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