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Brain Health

Head of program: Dr. David Bartrès-Faz

Researchers: Dr. Alberto García, Dr. Álvaro Pascual-Leone, Dr. Eloy Opisso, Dr. Gabriele Cattaneo, Dr. Javier Solana, Dr. Josep M. Tormos, Sra. Macarena Gil, Dr. Sergiu Albu


Consolidate the Brain Health research at the Institut Guttmann and position it at local and international levels.

Program Goals

  1. To develop a longitudinal study of cohorts to characterize, quantify, monitor and optimize biomedical markers, socials and environmental markers with relating to brain health.
  2. To evaluate whether a multimodal and personalized intervention program results in a better maintenance of brain health, both from behavioral and biological markers.
  3. Strategic: To incorporate and integrate advanced technologies for the study of the brain; Incorporate a panel of prestigious local and international experts; Incorporate talent with leadership capacity and fundraising; To foster strategic alliances with other laboratories.

Ongoing projects

Barcelona Brain Health Initiative (BBHI)

Project typology: Non competitive 
Funding Entity: Fundació La Caixa, Fundació Abertis
Principal investigator: Dr. David Bartrès-Faz
Execution 2016-2021

Barcelona Brain Health Initiative. Institut GuttmannLa Caixa

Brain Health Coaching App (BHCA)

File number: 2018 PROD 00172
Project typology: public competitive
Principal investigator: Josep Maria Tormos y Javier Solana
Execution: 2019-2021
This project is co-financed by the Generalitat de Catalunya and the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) "One way of making Europe"
Subsidy amount: 100.000€

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