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Adapted and Inclusive Sports

Deporte adaptado. Personas practicando handbike por un sendero

At the Institut Guttmann, sports activities are fully integrated into the rehabilitation process of people with disabilities; adapted sports have become a powerful therapeutic tool to improve their health, their degree of functional autonomy, their self-esteem and their relationship skills, all circumstances favouring improved social integration.

Promoting adapted sports and the development of inclusive sports form part of the foundation’s objectives and, therefore, of social activities and social awareness that the Institut Guttmann carries out.

“The noblest purpose of sports for people with disabilities is helping to restore the connection with the world that surrounds them.”

Dr Sir Ludwig Guttmann

Sports Club

The Institut Guttmann Sports Club, with its own statutes and board, registered under number 155 in the Registre de Clubs i Associacions Esportives de la Direcció General d'Esport de la Generalitat de Catalunya(Registry of Clubs and Sports Associations of the Directorate-General for Sports of the Government of Catalonia), currently consists of three sporting sections:

Athletics, with a partnership contract with Nou Barris Athletic Club;
Tennis, carried out at the facilities of BTO (Barcelona Tennis Olímpic);
Children’s Hockey in electric wheelchair, with the team “Els Dracs” (The Dragons) of Barcelona, which plays in the Catalan league and holds an annual competition at the state level and at the European level.

Adapted Sports Initiation School

This programme trains patients and future athletes in sports in which they show skill and interest. Once the rehabilitation process is complete, the new athletes are directed to clubs and associations near their home so they can continue with their chosen sport.

Sports Competitions

Every year the Institut Guttmann organises a Festival of Adapted Sports in order to show patients the great potential and existing modalities for sports after completion of the rehabilitation process. In addition to this, there is a round table in which athletes with disabilities share their experiences and explain the benefits of physical activity.

Outings to the natural surroundings

Sports outings are organised regularly to the natural surroundings for people with disabilities (adults, youth and children) so that they can be introduced to various sports and play them in an outdoor and different environment, contributing to their health and state of mind.

These are also activities that can be shared with people without disabilities (family, friends, etc.) and thus facilitate the continuity of the practice in the future. Among others, the activities we promote are skiing, sailing, cycling, diving, kayaking etc.


Through outings to a municipal sports centre, the initiation into the aquatic environment is carried out in a conventional installation. With therapeutic, sporting and educational objectives, coordinated by the Institut Guttmann and the Federació Catalana d'eports per a persones amb Discapacitat Física (Catalan Sports Federation for People with Physical Disabilities, FCEDF), the activity teaches the possibility of practising regular physical activity in a standard environment.

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