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  • Visita del Sr. Mateu , president del RACC
    Wednesday, 20 April, 2016

    Tuesday April 19 Institut Guttmann received the visit of Mr. Mateu, president of RACC and Mr. Antonio Gil, director of Communication and Institutional Relations of RACC who first visited the hospital facilities with the aim of establishing lines of collaboration and strengthen ties between the two institutions.

  • Tuesday, 19 April, 2016

    The Institut Guttmann is already preparing the next edition of its Technical Conferences, that will be dedicated this year to the topic “Neurophsycology and school: Learning disorder”. The Conferences are a essential meeting place to share knowledge, and also to discover the latest innovations on neurorehabilitation.

  • Thursday, 14 April, 2016

     A young quadriplegic regain control of a hand because of a neural bypass with a chip on his brain that sends signals to muscles that control the movement. This is a step further on a research in what also the Institut Guttmann is working, with projects like Brainable, WAY and BNCI 2020.

  • Tuesday, 12 April, 2016

    The Institut Guttmann received Saturday the "Mussol de l'Any" (Owl of the Year) Award from the City of Sant Quirze del Valles in its 24th edition. The awards, organized by the Ateneo St. Quirze and the City Hall reward institutions or individuals who stand out for their intelligence and/or philosophy, qualities given to the owl, symbol of the town that takes protagonism during these days with a high number of events organized.

  • Monday, 11 April, 2016

    This weekend took place in the sports hall of the Institute Guttmann the I Hockey Tournament in electric wheelchair, organized by the Dracs of Guttmann and in collaboration with Institut Guttmann.
    It has been two days of competition, fellowship and good sport. A large audience filled the stands of the pavilion and more than twenty volunteers helped organizational tasks.

  • Wednesday, 6 April, 2016

    The online activity "Delfines de colores" has been accredited by the Generalitat de Catalunya in its second edition. This means that the degree obtained after completion of the activity has official academic validity.

  • Friday, 1 April, 2016

    President Puigdemont visited the Institut Guttmann in his first official visit to the city of Badalona and on the occasion of the 50 years the institution has been working for people with neurological disabilities.

  • Wednesday, 30 March, 2016

    The Institut Guttmann invites you to visit the interactive tour of the hospital facilities where you will be able to access all areas of the hospital and become acquainted with this institution that is your home.

    This virtual tour or interactive tour was made by Skyearth company specializing in the production of digital art tools that enabled Institut Guttmann to have a magnificent tour of the hospital.

  • Dani Rovira in the Institut Guttmann
    Tuesday, 22 March, 2016

    The Institut Guttmann has been the scene of shooting of Dani Rovira's new film, "100 metros", produced by Filmax and directed by Marcel Barrena.

    "100 metros" is inspired by the true story of Ramón Arroyo, a successful businessman who diagnosed Multiple Sclerosis, and decides to explore the limits of overcoming, deciding to face one of the toughest athletic events, the Ironman.

  • The sport: an ally of the rehabilitation process at the Institut Guttmann
    Monday, 21 March, 2016

    In the Institut Guttmann, the sport is fully integrated into the rehabilitation process of people with disabilities. Adapted sports has become a potent therapeutic ally to improve their health, their degree of functional autonomy, self-esteem and relationship skills; circumstances that favor better social integration.