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VI Meeting of Road Education at the Institut Guttmann

الجمعة, 2 يونيو, 2017

The Institut Guttmann hosted yesterday, June 1, this annual meeting which, this year, has focused on road education for safe mobility in the face of new forms of displacement, and of uses and customs of the road space from the perspective of Young. In this edition, as a novelty, students of ESO, Bachillerato and Ciclos Formativos participated in a roundtable.

The Minister of the Interior, Mr. Jordi Jané, the Director of the Servei Català de Trànsit, Ms. Eugenia Doménech and the Managing Director of the Institut Guttmann, Josep M. Ramírez, inaugurated the day. Dr. José Osep M. Ramírez described the Game Over prevention and awareness project as "a success, with very positive results for society" and also stressed the importance of prevention from the driver's cognitive abilities, for example through Of the nano technology, as it begins to do in the Institut Guttmann.

Counselor Jané expressed his appreciation for the awareness work carried out by the monitors of the Game Over program, all of them people who have suffered a serious accident in the first person and testify to their experience in schools, and stressed that "they are a Great example and deserve recognition because of a negative experience they have lived, as it is a traffic accident, they have managed to transform it into something positive as it is to put the seed of road safety in the collective of young people.

During 2016, the Game Over program, promoted jointly by Servei Català de Trànsit and the Institut Guttmann, reached 50,000 students with a total of 923 sessions held in 406 educational centers throughout Catalonia. These data show the consolidation of this program as a tool to prevent traffic accidents and road traffic behavior among young people in Catalonia and that year after year Game Over is increasing the presence in schools.

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