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Neuro-repairing medicine and advanced therapies

Head of program: Dr. Joan Vidal

Researchers:  Dr. Jesús Benito, Dr. Gerardo Conesa, Dr. Guillermo García, Dr. Hatice Kumru, Dr. Xavier Navarro


Position our Institute as a national and international reference center for clinical phases of translational research in clinical trials, advanced therapies and regenerative medicine applied to spinal cord injury (SCI) and acquired brain damage (ACD).

Program Goals

  1. Promote the development of clinical trials in neuroregenerative operations.
  2. Develop multimodal neuromodulation strategies combined with intensive robot-assisted training.
  3. Develop a biodatabase of information derived from typification of patients at clinical (functional and structural) and subclinical level (neurophysiological and structural, through structural and functional and genetic neuroimaging) that serves for selection of candidates for this type of study.

Ongoing Projects

  1. NISCI - Multicenter, multinational, placebo controlled phase II study for the safety and preliminary efficacy of intrathecal ATI355 in patients with acute cervical spinal cord injury

    Project typology: European Competitive
    Funding Entity: European Commission
    Principal investigator: Dr. Jesús Benito
    Execution: 2016-2020
  2. CERMOD-ERANet-Neuron. Non-invasive electrical stimulation of the cervical spinal cord to facilitate arm and hand functional recovery in incomplete traumatic cervical spinal cord injured patients.  

    Project typology: National Competitive
    Funding Entity: Instituto de Salud Carlos III ISCIII (European Commission)
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Joan Vidal
    Execution: 2017-2019
  3. RED TERCEL - Cell therapy network

    Project typology: Networks
    Funding Entity:  Instituto de Salud Carlos III
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Joan Vidal
    Execution: 2013-2020
  4. Prospective, open and of one-single intrathecal injection pilot study in phase I/II, to assess safety and to obtain preliminary results of efficacy of umbilical cord stem cell transplantation in patients with spinal cord injury (*extended). 

    Project typology:   Autonomous Region, Competitive NGO
    Funding Entity: Fundació La Marató TV3
    Principal Investigator: Dr. Joan Vidal
    Execution: 2013-2017
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