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Inclusive kayaking day

الثلاثاء, 23 أغسطس, 2016

Last Thursday, 18th August, 10 patients (6 adults and 4 children), some of them accompanied by their families, enjoyed an outdoor activity, kayaking, as part of the rehabilitation process.

This water activity took place in Llançà (Girona), and thanks to different types of kayak used depending of the clinic of each patient, allowed everybody to practice sport, favoring the inclusion. This funny activity was possible with the organization of physical education teachers of the Institut Guttmann, and also with the collaboration of Club Caiac Pagaia’s volunteers and SK Kayak’s volunteers.

The Institut Guttmann promotes very often this kind of outings to the natural surroundings for people with disabilities (adults, youth and children) so that they can be introduced to various sports and play them in an outdoor and different environment, contributing to their health and state of mind. These are also activities that can be shared with people without disabilities and thus facilitate the continuity of the practice in the future.

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