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Whatever the size of the consequences, a neurological disability always involves significant changes in the physical, psychological and social dimensions of the patient and his/her family’s life. A neurorehabilitation hospital is a specific health resource for such patients’ medical and surgical treatment and specialized rehabilitation.

Given that most pathologies requiring neurorehabilitation have a low incidence (frequency of new cases), such hospitals can reunite all patients needing specialized treatment in one organization. Thus there are enough new cases every year for the multidisciplinary team to develop and gain professional expertise, this guaranteeing safe and quality care delivery in the organization.

Such hospitals enable new and long term patients, their families and the staff responsible for their treatment to meet and interact. This results in a specific neurorehabilitation culture, which highly benefits the rehabilitation process. Such a culture is great for socializing, helps to increase experience in this type of pathology and adds to the progress in dealing with the disease approach and to treatment improvement.

Grouping patients together, concentrating specific human and material resources and allowing all the players involved in the rehabilitation process to interact are the characteristics making these hospitals into centres of expertise, which are highly effective clinically, educationally and research-wide. Specialized scientific knowledge is combined with implicit knowledge generated from the work environment and the experience accumulated over years of shared care providing experience.

Functions of the neurorehabilitation hospital:

Specialized medical and surgical treatment and rehabilitation.

Periodic preventive clinical monitoring.

Specialized treatment of the complications pertaining to the disability.

Health education, information and personal advice in all areas improving health, independence, quality of life and community reintegration of people with disabilities.

Technical support for the remaining health and community resources within the care systems.

Prevention, knowledge sharing and community awareness raising.

Research and education.
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